Looking for a great speaker for your Event?

Russ Gabel is an 18 year veteran of youth ministry, and an accomplished public speaker.  From youth events and week-long conferences to outdoors banquets and school assemblies, Russ Gabel has challenged audiences of all ages with humorous, and engaging talks.  Whether you're looking for outrageous humor, or deep spiritual impact, Russ is a versitile and highly entertaining speaker.  



"Great speaker!  Really enjoyed listening to him!"

"Capitvated his audience with the most awesome stories."

"Fantastic!  He motivated me to be a better youth leader.  I wish he would come to my church!"

"AWESOME,  made a difference in my life, PLEASE HAVE HIM BACK!"

"Russ is a very effective, passionate, fun, and engaging communicator, who I have utilized as a speaker for many different events.  Russ is a man of God that I highly recommend as someone who will speak to young people and touch their lives." - Mike Elgersma, Western Michigan Christian School

"Russ recently spoke at our monthly men's  breakfast. His combination of humor and passion made for a great breakfast. His love for  Christ, his desire to reach the lost, and unique delivery of the Gospel makes Russ a outstanding speaker. I would highly recommend him for your ministry."- Cal VanSingel

"Outdoor Speaking Promo"  Looking for a speaker for your outdoors banquet, wild game dinner, or sportsmen's retreat?  Check out this promo video and consider booking Russ for your next engagement.

"Youth Group Kids"  Take a humorous look at the different kinds of kids that make youth group trips so unforgetable.  This is a typical introduction talk from a middle school weekend retreat.

"Running Away"  This talk deals with our tendancy to run away and hide from God when we've done something wrong, while God waits patiently with open arms for us to return to him.

"Sponge" The spiritual side of the "Mama Bolivia", this portion of the talk challenges students to understand the need to soak up our faith, then dive into experiences that squeeze us out.  "Sponge" illustrates this critical ebb and flow of our faith.

"Family Christmas"  Holidays provide some of the most joyful and bizarre family interactions.  This talk takes a hillarious look at the family traditions and childhood memories that we have from Chrsitmas past.