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First Buck

Kurt began hunting three years ago.  At 37 years old, Kurt got a late start in the world of hunting, but had managed to get a doe last fall.  I've had the chance to work with him over the years, and was excited to hear that he has just been given access to some new hunting property this fall.  Kurt called to ask if I would come and scout the property with him to help pick a spot to set up, so we loaded up in the truck and headed out.

We walked the property and found a great spot where a dry creek bed crosses perpendicular to a clearing for power lines.  There was a lot of deer sign and it was clear that the deer were using the dry creek bed as a pathway to get to the pond in the property owner's backyard.  We cleared out a spot, then I lent him a ground blind, which we carefully camoflaged with branches and grass.  Kurt and I paced out distances to various landmarks so that he could make the most of his new crossbow.  With all of our work done, I waited to hear from Kurt to see how his first morning unfolded.

Kurt called me the next morning to tell me that he bumped deer right off the spot while it was dark, as he walked in.  He said he could hear them run off into the woods, but didn't get a good look at them.  This was encouraging, and he was determined to give it another try in a few days.  Again, I waited for the tell-tale phone call.

Three days later, I recieved an early morning phone call from Kurt.  His voice was excited and shaken, but I could make this out...

"Hey Russ, it's Kurt...um, I think I just shot a 6-point buck...um, anyway...unbelieveable...if you get a chance, give me a call."

His next phone call came an hour later, and was much easier to understand...

"Hey Russ, it's Kurt.  I did get him, a 9-point buck, so anyway, very excited!  Um, give me a call"

I was so excited for him, I pulled over and returned his call right away.  He told me that he was sitting in the blind for about an hour when he saw the buck emerge from the woods across the narrow clearing.  His hands started shaking, his heart started pounding, and he could barely hold the crossbow steady enough to get the deer in his crosshairs.  When the buck turned its side to him, he pulled the trigger and dropped the deer right where it stood...a perfect shot at about 34 yards.

I raced over there to take some pictures and load the deer into his truck.  We then took a quick trip down the road to a friend who does deer processing.  During the drive, all Kurt could do was talk through the story again and again, sharing how amazing the entire experience was.  I just beamed with pride for my friend.  Kurt entered the world of hunting at the age of 37...much later than most people, but it efforts were rewarded with a wonderful first buck.  Now Kurt is a confident and growing hunter, a hero to his two sons, and another chapter in the awesome story of Freewater Experience.

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